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6 Questions to ask your DJ or Event Vendor

Trying to find vendors for your event can be a bit awkward if you don’t know how to go about it. This is especially true when attempting to hire a DJ, planner, or even your caterer. Most people don’t realize how much the correct set of event vendors can impact your event. For example, the (read more…)

What is Projection Mapping and How can it Enhance My Event?

The New Cool Thing in Events and Wedding Receptions is Projection Mapping. If you’ve ever been to a Disney Park, you may already have seen Projection mapping and not even known it.  It’s the effect where they project images on the castles during fireworks displays. It is a powerful visual as it has the capacity (read more…)

5 Ways to Make Your Event Stand out Amongst all Others.

Don’t just plan an event. Make it Pop! If you’re going through the steps and work to plan an event, the last thing you want is for it to be forgotten. Why not make it stand out in your attendee’s memories by trying some of these special ways to make your event POP. Create a (read more…)

Four Tips That will Make for an Awesome Corporate Event

Corporate Event Entertainment Tips

Make your Corporate Event Awesome with These 4 Tips. There are a plethora of Corporate Entertainment Tips available on the web, and most of them are spot on. That being said, we’d like throw our two cents on the pile of great ideas… two cents that come directly from our experiences providing entertainment for corporate (read more…)

Event DJ in Alhambra: Company Christmas Party with a Bonus Retirement Party

We love Providing Entertainment for Corporate events… Providing our corporate DJ services for great companies is probably one of our most favorite things to do…especially when the client provides such great services. Keiser and Temple community Hospital LVN of Alhambra held its 2019 Christmas Party on December 22nd at Gold Hibachi Buffet in Alhambra and (read more…)